FME Objects Python API with External Python (Windows)

FME has its own Python environment, and FME uses it by default when running a workspace; FME Objects Python API (fmeobjects module) can be used in the environment via scripts embedded in an FME workspace, i.e. Startup / Shutdown Script, PythonCreator and PythonCaller.
We can also use FME Objects in an external Python environment. Of course, FME and the Python environment have to be installed in the same machine.
Tested in Windows Xp SP3, FME 2013 SP3 and Python 2.7 >> Download Python

Installing fmeobjects module:
Just copy this Python Dynamic Module file

<FME> is FME home directory, "C:\Program Files\FME" by default.
<Python27> is Python 2.7 home directory, "C:\Python27" by default.

Testing with the external Python (command line):
>>> import fmeobjects
>>> licMan = fmeobjects.FMELicenseManager()
>>> print licMan.getLicenseType()
>>> wr = fmeobjects.FMEWorkspaceRunner()
>>> wr.run('C:/tmp/test.fmw')

Alternatively, we can also append module searching path before importing fmeobjects module. In this case, we don't need to copy "fmeobjects.pyd" to the external Python environment, but the FME home directory path should be known.
>>> import sys
>>> sys.path.append('<FME>/fmeobjects/python27')
>>> import fmeobjects

That's all. Very simple!
> Python and Available Licenses

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