Japanese Character Problems in FME 2014 Beta

2014-01-16: FME 2014 (build 14230) has been released.
Almost all the Japanese character problems has been solved. Wonderful!
This article ends up here. Thanks.
2014-01-12: I'm happy that the remaining issue (PR#50788) has been fixed in build 14229 :-)
Release coming soon!
2013-12-22: I tried FME 2014 Beta build 14223 for Mac OS X in Japanese environment.
It works fine. There were some problems related to Japanese characters in build 14205, but those have been solved now, and the workspace files (*.fmw) are compatible between Mac and Windows. Great.
2013-12-19: FME 2014 Beta build 14220 works fine in Japanese Windows. Great!
I confirmed that all the problems I reported last week have been solved. Although garbled characters sometimes appear on Log window, those are not so serious issues for me. I believe that those will be also solved in the near future.
Many many thanks for Safe's efforts.

Previous: Japanese character problem
I tried FME 2014 Beta build 14212 - 14218. The result, almost all the Japanese character problems occurring in FME 2013 or earlier have been solved. Wonderful!
Many thanks, Safe and the great developers.

However, found several new problems related to Japanese character unfortunately. I guess that some of them are side-effects caused by changing encoding of fmw file.
I've reported detailed situation to Safe via my reseller already, would appreciate some more efforts to solve them. Thanks in advance.


  1. Yes, we had a breakthrough last week. Ironically, if one were using Linux or Mac Workbench, these would not ever be a problem -- it is Windows only. But we made great strides, very glad it is working better for you already.

  2. I express respect to your efforts on this issue. In fact, many softwares developed in ASCII culture cannot process Japanese characters correctly. But now, FME cleared the highest hurdle splendidly. 2014 will become more wonderful year for my FME life. Thank you very much, again.