Take a look at FME 2015 beta

I tried FME 2015 beta build 15158.

Don and Dale introduced this new feature at the UC. That was very impressive.
I like this :-)

And, welcome the grid coming back with further enhancements!

Of course there are many enhancements and improvements internally.
I look forward to the release.


  1. Hi Takashi,

    Yes, these two improvements are already getting lots of use internally at Safe. It was controversial to allow resizing of the feature type names and transformers, but I can already see how valuable this can be. And, if someone doesn't like it, they don't have to use.

    We have a few other very nice features brewing that I've seen some demos of already that all users will surely like, so I agree, I too look forward to FME 2015's release and then showing it off in the new year.


    1. Hi Dale,
      Actually, I installed FME 2015 beta in order to test a new reader/writer. But the new Workbench made me remember one of the most impressive scenes in the UC. That was the moment you introduced "expanding object". I remember that all the participants sent vigorous applause at that time.
      I really enjoyed the UC.