Recent New Transformers for FME Store

FME Store における新作トランスフォーマー

Naturally, all is free to use. If you found an issue in these, please contact me.
Transformer Gallery / FME Store / Pragmatica
Requirement: FME 2014 SP3+

Calculates (x, y) components of a 2D vector defined by the parameter settings, and stores them as new attributes. Optionally this transformer replaces feature geometry with a line segment representing the resulting vector.
Since it can also calculate a normal vector, may be useful to create a perpendicular line against the original geometry.
The core processing is implemented with Tcl.
主要な処理は Tcl で実装されています。

Adds rank number to each feature as an attribute; the rank will be determined based on the descending or ascending order of numeric values stored by an attribute.
If every value is unique, the resulting ranks will be same as the count numbers which can be generated with a combination of Sorter and Counter. Otherwise - i.e. if two or more input features have same value, their ranks will become identical number.
The core processing is implemented with Python.
各フィーチャーに属性としてランク(ある属性に格納されている値の降順または昇順での順位)を与えます。全ての値が一意であれば、ランクは、Sorter と Counter の組み合わせで生成できるカウント値と同じですが、そうでない場合、つまり複数のフィーチャーが同じ値を持っている場合に、それらのランク(順位)は同じになります。
主要な処理は Python で実装されています。

Selects features by an identical interval from the incoming feature sequence.
This transformer is similar to the regular Sampler (Sampling Type: Every Nth Feature), but determines the sampling interval automatically based on the specified number of samples and the number of entire input features.
The core processing is implemented with Python.
このトランスフォーマーは標準の Sampler (Sampling Type: Every Nth Feature) と似ていますが、ランプリングの間隔は、指定したサンプル数と入力フィーチャー数に基づいて自動的に決定されます。

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