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In past, there was an article describing WorkspaceRunnder examples in FMEpedia. Although there is a link to the URL in the WorkspaceRunner transformer description (Workbench help), the linked page is currently disabled. Where has it gone?
The article has been updated, 1 Oct. 2013. Link from Workbench help is also available.
Thank you, Safe support team!
FMEpedia: Batch Processing Using the WorkspaceRunner

Usage of the WorkspaceRunner is not so difficult. But many beginners seem to feel it's difficult to understand how it works, as I was so. In fact, questions about the WorksapceRunner are often posted in Community, I recently posted a couple of examples to correspond to such a question.

> Creating a BATCH with multiple INPUTS (variables) to run a workbench that intersects LINES AND POLYGONS
> Workspace Runner and Path Format Reader example
For these questions I provided example workspaces showing the most basic usage of the WorkspaceRunner - i.e. performing simple batch processing.
Download (3MB zipped file including test data)

> Dynamic schema partial merge from 2 data sources
Although the subject of this question is an application of Dynamic Schema functionality, I thought it can be realized using the WorkspaceRunners, and created applicable workspaces. It was a very interesting challenge.
Download (32KB zipped file, including test data)
However, a custom format could be more elegant solution in this case.
Download: Custom Format Example 0 (22KB) using Python script
Download: Custom Format Example 1 (23KB) non-scripted version
Related article: FMEpedia > Extracting a schema subset for dynamic schemas

Through creating these examples, I felt that knowing well about Published Parameters is the key to understand how the WorkspaceRunner works.
Anyway, I hope that the upgraded article is uploaded to FMEpedia in the near future.

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