What does the InsidePointReplacer create?

FME provides three transformers to create a point related to an area feature.
CenterOfGravityReplacer creates the center of mass,
CenterPointReplacer creates the center of the bounding box,
InsidePointReplacer creates an inside point of the original area.

The point created by the InsidePointReplacer is guaranteed to be inside of the original area, but other transformers may create an outside point. The center point or the center of mass of U or L shape probably is outside, for example.
If knowing what kind of point will be created, there are no practical problems.

However, I want to know the actual algorithm that is used in the InsidePointReplacer.
If the original shape is a triangle or a rectangle, the inside point seems to match with the center of mass. Otherwise, the inside point is different from the center of mass even if that is inside the area.
The algorithm is in a black box.

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