Split Polygons Retaining Attributes

I needed to split given land use polygons (Esri Shape format) according to actual land usage which can be guessed based on images taken by a satellite.

At first, I planned to split the polygons with the Cut Polygons tool in ArcGIS.
But the client frequently requests to me modifying the cutting lines. Once I cut a polygon with the tool, I have to move 2 lines simultaneously without any gaps to modify the line, since the line immediately becomes boundaries shared by adjoining areas. It's so troublesome.

Therefore, I stopped using the Cut Polygons tool. I decided to create a new layer which represent cutting lines using ArcMap, and create split polygons as new dataset using FME.

Splitting polygons is easy. Intersect the polygons with the cutting lines, and build areas from the Intersected lines.

But the step cannot retain attributes of the original polygons. To retain attributes, migrate attributes of the original polygons based on spatial relationships.

Modifications of the cutting lines became much easier by this method.
FME 2014 SP3 build 14391

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