Why not publish Parallel Processing parameters for the Custom Transformer?

Maybe someone is wondering why I didn't publish Parallel Processing parameters in the RandomPointGenerator implementation (see the previous post).

If you publish the "Parallel Process By" parameter (Right-click > Create User Parameter), you can make the transformer as a block-based one easily. i.e. the parameter works like "Group By".

Originally I had published the parameter while developing the transformer, but I noticed that this warning message appears on the Log window after the translation.
The message always appears if the workspace has the following conditions.
Warning: not all FMESessions that were created were destroyed before shutdown. This may cause instability
1) The custom transformer contains a StatisticsCalculator.
2) The Main workspace containing the custom transformer also contains a StatisticsCalculator.
3) Specify attribute(s) to the "Parallel Process By" parameter of the custom transformer.
4) Select "No Parallelism" (default) for the "Parallel Processing Level" parameter of the custom transformer.
FME 2014 SP3 build 14391

I know that the warning may not cause any problem if the workspace is running with FME Desktop. But I'm afraid that it could cause a serious problem if the workspace is running with FME Server. And also I cannot confirm whether there are any other conditions which cause the same situation.

Therefore, I will not publish Parallel Processing parameters for a custom transformer unless the issue is resolved.

P.S. The same warning has occurred when using the AttributePivoter. These two transformers - StatisticsCalculator and AttributePivoter are implemented with Python. I guess there is an issue in the architecture of Python based transformers.

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