Destination Feature Type Name Setting in FME 2015.1

FME 2015.1における出力先フィーチャータイプ名の設定

In FME 2015.1, the "Fanout By Attribute" doesn't appear in writer feature type properties dialog. The Feature Type Fanout has been retired?
FME 2015.1では、ライターフィーチャータイププロパティ設定画面で"Fanout By Attribute"が表示されません。フィーチャータイプ・ファンアウトは廃止された?

FME 2015.0 build 15253

FME 2015.1 build 15479

The answer is also "Yes", and can also be "No".

Yes, the term "Feature Type Fanout" will be deprecated in the context of setting a writer feature type properties. But the functionality itself has not been deprecated.
You can use the functionality through setting an attribute to the feature type name field.

In FME 2015.1, you can set destination feature type name by one of these ways.
(1) Enter a string (static feature type name) to the field directly.
(2) Select an attribute (equivalent to the old "Fanout By Attribute").
(3) Enter a string with the Text Editor.
(4) Select a user parameter (equivalent to entering "$(parameter name)" to the field directly).
FME 2015.1では、これらの方法のどれかひとつによって出力先フィーチャータイプ名を設定できます。
(1) フィールドに直接文字列(静的なフィーチャータイプ名)を入力する。
(2) 属性を選択する(以前の"Fanout By Attribute"と同等)。
(3) テキストエディタを使って文字列を入力する。
(4) ユーザーパラメータを選択する(フィールドに"$(パラメーター名)"を直接入力するのと同等)。

(1), (2), (4) have been also available in the previous version, but (3) is new and interesting. You can perform a string operation here and use the result as the destination feature type name.
(1), (2), (4)は以前のバージョンでも可能でしたが、(3)は新しく、興味深い。ここでなんらかの文字列操作を実行し、その結果を出力先フィーチャータイプ名として使うことができます。


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FME 2015.1 build 15479


  1. Good find Takashi! Yes, this is a major change but one very much for the better I believe. You are quite correct that the ability to set the feature type to an expression (your #3) is a very interesting and powerful one, and should make some workflows even more compressed.

    Spoiler Alert: in FME 2016 we are applying a similar treatment to Dataset Fanout. So you can look forward to that as well.

    1. Hi Dale, thanks for your comment and the spoiler alert!
      I believe that the enhancements of usability in FME 2015.1, including this, will bring us big benefit.
      FME is evolving quickly, the user has to continue to learn new features. I hope related documentations will also be revised to catch up to that.