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Swaps the values of specified two attributes (A and B) unconditionally by default.
Optionally, you can choose one of these conditional swapping modes.
"A < B": Swap the values only when A is less than B.
"A > B": Swap the values only when A is greater than B.
The internal storage data types of the attributes will also be swapped. And also <null> and <missing> will be swapped, but they will be treated as the empty string when comparing values in conditional swapping mode.
The main process has been implemented with a Tcl script.

"A < B": AがBより小さいときだけ交換する。
"A > B": AがBより大きいときだけ交換する。


Outputs the features entered from the two input ports (A and B) alternatively. i.e. A, B, A, B, ...
If the number of features entered from one input port is greater than another, the remainder features will be output from RemnantA or RemnantB port after all alternated features have been output.
The main process has been implemented with a Python script.

二つの入力ポート(A及びB)から入力されたフィーチャーを交互に出力します。つまり、A, B, A, B, ...のように。一方のポートから入力されたフィーチャーの数が他方よりも多かった場合、交互のフィーチャーが出力された後、残りのフィーチャーはRemnantAまたはRemnantBポートから出力されます。


Transforms a path into a line by connecting its path segments. By default, the transformer transforms the input path only if it is a linear path that doesn't contain arc-segments.
If you set "Yes" to the "Transform Non-Linear Path after Stroking Arc Segments" parameter, the transformer also transforms non-linear paths into lines after stroking their arc-segments.
The resulting lines will be output from the Touched port; untouched features will be output from the Untouched port.
The main process has been implemented with a Python script.

"Transform Non-Linear Path after Stroking Arc Segments"パラメーターを"Yes"に設定した場合は、非線形のパスについても、アークセグメントを近似するラインに置き換えてから変換します。



Compresses a file and appends it into the specified zip file.
The archive name will become the same as the target file name. If a file having the same name as the target file has been archived in the zip file already, the target file will not be archived.
The transformer creates a new zip file when receiving the first file that should be archived into it, if the specified zip file doesn't exist.
Note: Currently this transformer DOES NOT SUPPORT file path strings containing Non-ASCII characters. Unexpected result may occur if the target file path and/or zip file path contain Non-ASCII characters.

注:現在このトランスフォーマーは、非ASCII文字(半角の英数字・記号以外の文字)を含むファイルパス文字列をサポートしていません。 対象ファイルパスおよび/またはzipファイルパスに非ASCII文字が含まれている場合、予期しない結果が生じることがあります。

FME 2015.1.0.1 build 15480

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