FME 2016 New Transformers

FME 2016 の新トランスフォーマー

So far, I found these new transformers in FME 2016 beta build 16104.
これまでのところ、FME 2016 ベータ版 build 16104 で次の新しいトランスフォーマーを見つけました。

OrientationReverser * see the additional post. 2015-12-15

The FeatureWriter allows us to implement "inline writing" in a workspace.
I expect this innovates workflow design concepts :)
FeatureWriter は、ワークスペースに「インライン出力」を実装することを可能にします。

Looks like
- AttributeClassifier has been upgraded to the new AttributeValidator;
- InsidePointExtractor has been upgraded to the new CenterPointExtractor, which can extract (x, y, z) of either center, center of gravity or inside point according to user's selection;
- Orientor (Orientation Type: REVERSE) and SurfaceReverser have been integrated into the new OrientationReverser, but couldn't find out where the Orientor (RIGHT/LEFT-HAND-RULE) has gone.
- AttributeClassifier は AttributeValidator にアップグレードされました。
- InsidePointExtractor は CenterPointExtractor にアップグレードされました。これは、選択に応じて中心、重心、または内点のいずれかの (x, y, z) を抽出します。
- Orientor (Orientation Type: REVERSE) と SurfaceReverser は、OrientationReverser に統合されましたが、Orientor (RIGHT/LEFT-HAND-RULE) はどこに行ったか見つけられませんでした。

Don't worry. The GeometryValidator (Issue: Invalid Area Orientation, FME 2015.1+) can be used instead of the Orientor (RIGHT/LEFT-HAND-RULE). See also Dale's comment.
心配無用。GeometryValidator (Issues: Invalid Area Orientation, FME 2015.1+) が Orientor (RIGHT/LEFT-HAND-RULE) の代わりに使用できます。 Dale さんのコメントも参照してください。

2015-12-15 FME 2016.0 beta build 16147
I noticed the OrientationReverser has been renamed again. It is now called "Orientor". The previous name and functionality has revived, and also the SurfaceReverser has been integrated into it.
OrientationReverser が再び改名されていることに気がつきました。今は "Orientor" と呼ばれています。以前の名前と機能が復活するとともに、SurfaceReverser がこれに統合されています。


  1. Good catches Takashi! Yes, There are some interesting new transformers for sure. And you are right, the FeatureWriter may well be an amazing game changer. In FME 2016 it will enable many new patterns, but we have plans to continue to evolve its power over time. Note -- today it works very nicely in conjunction with the AttributeManager coming just before it. That one is a very powerful new transformer too that is well worth mastering.

    And the AttributeValidator should make Quality testing workflows very convenient and natural as well.

    Lots of good things coming in FME 2016. Can't wait to release it!

  2. I have also learned that the RIGHT/LEFT hand rules of Orientation are in the GeometryValidator. We'll work on better documenting and making this easier to find before release.

  3. Orientor - "Invalid Area Orientation" in the GeometryValidator was it. I also think it's better to be documented clearly.
    I believe that the FeatureWriter is still evolving. Regarding the AttributeManager and the AttributeValidator, I don't have understood their real capability yet. I'll learn more about them later.
    I'm looking forward to meeting the release!