FME 2016 Workbench Run Modes

FME 2016 Workbench の実行モード

FME 2015.1.2.1 build 15539
Run Workspace | Prompt and Run | Run with Full Inspection | Run with Breakpoints

FME 2016 beta build 16104
Run Workspace | With Prompt | With Full Inspection | With Breakpoints

The button image for "With Breakpoints" (the bug) may be changed in the near future. See also Dale's comment.
"With Breakpoints" ボタンのイメージ (虫) は近いうちに変更されるかも知れません。Dale さんのコメントも参照してください。

The change has been done not only on the button images, but also on their behavior.

In FME 2015, as you know, each command runs the workspace with its own mode.
FME 2015 では、ご存じのように各コマンドはそれぞれのモードでワークスペースを実行します。

In FME 2016, however, only "Run Workspace" runs the workspace, others indicate run modes which can be switched on/off independently. That is, you can also select two or three modes simultaneously if necessary. Primarily this may be considered as an enhancement of the functionality for debugging. e.g. you can run with Prompt and Full Inspection.
FME 2016 では "Run Workspace" だけがワークスペースを実行し、他は、個別にオン/オフが切り替えられる実行モードを示します。つまり、必要に応じて2つまたは3つのモードも同時に選択できるということです。これは、主にデバッグ機能の向上と考えることができます。例えば、Prompt および Full Inspection モードで実行できます。

Run Workspace with Prompt and Full Inspection

The new button images are simpler and more intuitive. Just would like to know why scarab (?) for "Run With Breakpoints" :)
新しいボタンのイメージは、よりシンプルで直感的です。ただ、"Run With Breakpoints" がなぜスカラベ (?) なのか知りたいのですが (^^)


  1. Glad you like these! We are reconsidering the scarab for the breakpoints -- it comes from "Debugging" as a term -- the emphasis on BUG. But we'll think more.

  2. Oh, yeah, it was a bug from "debugging". Thanks for the clarification. It's also fun, but re-considering would also be good ;)

  3. It would be VERY helpful if disabling the bug/scarab button would magically debug my workspace ;-)