Search Patterns in Reader Dataset Setting

When processing multiple datasets, the wildcard (*) is often used in Dataset setting of the Reader. The wildcard is very useful to read many datasets at once, but sometimes I need to do more complicated searching. I've tried some regular expressions, but those didn't work.

Here is a description about search patterns for Path Filter parameter of the Directory and File Pathnames Reader.
FME Readers and Writers: Directory and File Pathnames Reader Parameters

Those patterns can be used also in Dataset parameter of other Readers?

In my trial, the answer is Yes. Those worked fine in various Readers.
Just be aware that the file path has to be always quoted by double quotations when using a pattern with { } or [ ].
"C:\tmp\{folder1,folder2}\*.shp" -- *.shp in C:\tmp\folder1 and C:\tmp\folder2
"C:\tmp\**\[ACE]*.shp"  -- A*.shp, C*.shp, E*.shp in C:\tmp and any subdirectories below it

Anyway, those patterns are very convenient :-)

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